Hey there, welcome to my website.  Thanks so much for checking it out!  I’m Kerry and I am a photographer living in San Diego, California.  I’m also a mom to two sweet, shy kids and a wife to a career U.S. Marine Corps pilot.  I grew up on the east coast but am so grateful that we now call San Diego home.  We have had the opportunity to live all over the U.S. over the last 20 years and California has been good to our family.  I love the southern California culture, delicious food (give me Mexican all day!), ridiculously awesome weather and the easy-going laid back lifestyle.

I am completely in love with capturing connections with my camera.  The love between passionate couples, brand new love between parents and their newborn baby and that fun, silly love within a family.  I want to capture the true you, the real you.  I want to tell your story in a real and unscripted way.  I'm never looking for the "perfect" photo, but I am always looking for the photo that makes you feel something deeply.  No boring, stiff prom poses and fake smiles for this photographer.  I may never even ask you to look at my camera.  Real moments, tender cuddles, awkward giggles, sweet kisses, quiet glances will tell your real story.  I love movement and texture and warm light and I’m all about incorporating them into your photos.


Here’s some stuff I can’t live without…

  • chips and guacamole

  • flip flops

  • sarcasm (the silly kind, of course!)

  • a great sense of humor is mandatory

  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are my kryptonite

  • meeting new people…I love to chat it up and learn about people (aka I'll happily ask you tons of questions about yourself)

  • my iMac

  • embarrassing my kids (the fun kind of embarrassment, I promise)

  • all things Bachelor/Bachelorette (I’m not necessarily proud of this one)

  • my closest friends and family


I hope that I can capture your own fun, playful, beautiful story.  It would be a privilege.




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