How would you describe your photography style?

I would describe my style as definitely emotion-driven, informal, relaxed and fun.  I'm not looking for "perfect" photos, but rather images that tell your true story and show the deep love between you and your loved ones.  Stiff poses and fake smiles are no fun for anyone, so instead we chat, laugh, act silly (aka I will most likely embarrass myself...for the sake of the art, of course) and I will guide you into natural interactions so you never have to worry about what to do in front of the camera.  I love texture, messy hair, warm light, teeny tiny details and movement in my images and I am always looking to incorporate those elements into your gallery.  I love that wrinkly, tender skin on your newborn and I want to capture that for you before it's gone forever.  I love the quiet glances and deep breaths between couples that speak to that unique connection that only the two of you share and I want to capture that for you.  I love humor and the silly laughs that come naturally to your sweet family and I want to capture that for you.


How long will it take to receive my images after our photo session?

You can expect to receive your edited images, along with a print release, approximately 3 weeks after your session.


How do I decide what to wear for the photo session?

That is a great question!  Wardrobe can take your photos up a HUGE notch when thoughtfully put together!  Check out my Pinterest boards for loads of helpful tips for your photo session wardrobe.  If you need a little clothing advice, for what works and doesn't, don't ever hesitate to ask.


I will also be sending you a helpful clothing guide for your photo session, with suggestions for how to coordinate and how to rock that wardrobe!  In general, I always say LESS IS MORE, and neutrals are most flattering in your photos.  


How long does a photo session take?

  • Lifestyle newborn sessions in your home typically last 1-2 hours. Baby is in charge and if we need to pause to keep your newborn happy, then I will happily take a pause until they are ready for the camera again.

  • Newborn sessions in the hospital/birth center typically last about an hour.

  • Outdoor engagement/couple's sessions last about an hour. We will begin your session approximately an hour prior to sunset in the evening.

  • Outdoor family sessions last 60-90 minutes. We will begin your session approximately an hour and a half prior to sunset in the evening.

  • Outdoor maternity sessions last 60-90 minutes. We will begin your session approximately an hour and a half prior to sunset in the evening.


Will I receive all of my edited images in both color and black & white?

I adore some dramatic black and white images, but not every image we will take during your session will look its best converted to black and white.  So I will ask that you trust me and let me pick the images from your session that will look incredible in black and white, as well as those images that will look gorgeous while remaining in color.  I will make every effort to provide you with a diverse gallery where every image is edited to look its absolute best!


Can I purchase prints of my images from you?

Yes!  It's so easy I can't even stand it.  You will be able to order both prints and additional beautiful, modern photography products through your online gallery.  You will have access to your own personal store that will allow you to create and view the products before you purchase them.  You don't have to send your files off to another vendor.  You can do it all directly from your image gallery and it's as easy as can be!  Your prints and products will be shipped directly to you. Done!