fresh 48 newborn session | san diego newborn and fresh 48 photographer

Do you remember all the amazing little details of your newborn’s arrival into the world? All the beautiful visitors who came to celebrate with you? That exquisite moment when your older kiddos arrived to first meet their new sibling? All of your baby’s new wrinkles and sweet flakey skin? No, sadly me neither. I have a couple of embarassingly dark and blurry iPhone images from that time and while I’m crazy grateful for those, I sure do wish I had thought to document that fleeting time a little better. That time is often a blur of emotions, ridiculous sleep deprivation, maybe a hint of some lingering medication and let’s not forget you just birthed a new human being into this world. To say you just accomplished a lot would be a crazy understatement. All while being a super human creator maybe, just maybe it slipped your mind to hire a photographer to be there within a few hours of your newborn’s birth. Who could blame you for this not making it onto your ‘to do’ list. Or maybe you had some hesitations about being photographed only few hours after delivery. Absolutely no one could blame you for this as well? It’s an incredibly vulnerable time filled with endless new emotions. With all that to consider, I promise you it can be done with ease and it can be laid back, easy and even fun. All you have to do is take in the moments, love on your people like crazy and I’ll do the rest and document it all. These first few hours can never be captured again, that time never relived, so let me document your own beautiful story for you. It would be a privilege for me to be there.

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